service_tuningTuning – It is recommended that pianos be tuned twice a year as a minimum once a year. We provide tuning services for residential, concerts, schools, churches recording studios, universities and virtually anyone who has a piano that needs tuning.

service_repairRepairs – Most repairs are generally small and can be done on site. Minor repairs can include missing or loose keytop, broken hammer, action part or string, or easing a sluggish or binding mechanism. More extensive repairs may require moving part or all of the piano into the repair shop.

service_regulationAction Regulation – Regulation is the adjustments of thousands of parts to function the way they were designed to. These adjustments over time and use can result in felts and cloth compressing, parts moving out of alignment, and wear of parts. All of these issues can result in the piano not playing evenly or responding properly as when it was new. Regulating the piano while compensating for wear will restore the settings and alignment of components.

service_voicingVoicing – Voicing refers to tone regulating. It mainly involves adjusting the shape and density on the hammer felt to control the tonal quality of the piano so that it has the desired amount of brilliance or mellowness. This includes adjusting the hammer to contact multiple strings evenly. As the hammers wear the felt will compact and become harder on the surface causing the tone to become too bright even harsh or tinny sounding. Having the piano voiced periodically will adjust the brilliance and produce a warm and even tone.

service_humidityHumidity Control – You can protect your piano’s investment year after year by having us install the Piano Life Saver System by Dampp-Chaser. This system will help insure the longevity and stability of your piano permitting tunings to hold better and longer. It will help prevent extreme changes in humidity and dryness which can cause damage to the soundboard and bridges and other areas of your piano over long term.

service_rebuildingRebuilding – We offer piano rebuilding services including action, restringing, replacement of pinblocks, repair of soundboard and bridges.
We can restore your piano to looking new.

service_appraisalAppraisals & Estimates – We provide appraisals and evaluations if you are looking to purchase or sell a piano or for insurance purposes.